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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Boy with Many Talents

Kirk asked Adam what he learned in primary on Sunday.  "Talents," he responded.  I questioned further, "What about them?"  "If you don't use them, then they go away."

We complimented him on being the kind of kid who uses his talents.  In fact, just this week he wrapped up his first season of flag football and played at his first piano recital.

I think the recital thing may have caused him a bit of anxiety, since the night before the recital, Kirk found him downstairs at 9 pm putting on his school uniform.  Adam explained that he wanted to sleep in his uniform so he would have plenty of time to practice the piano in the morning.

If only he'd worried so much about the flag football game.  He actually ran the ball for a touchdown, but it didn't count because he'd forgotten his flags and had to be considered "down."

Even though these are some of his more obvious talents, I think his best talent is being a big brother.  I was more proud to hear Miss Shayla publicly praise him for always redeeming his earned tickets for extra candy for his brothers.  Yep.  That's the kind of kid he is.

And I'm just glad I get to be the proud mom who watches him use all those talents.