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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Preview

Halloween arrived early this year, since Aunt Heather, Ryan and Kaleb were able to come to town over the weekend.  That meant a new date for Grandma Tess's annual party, and a chance to test drive the costumes a couple of weeks early.  The boys opted for a "classic monsters" theme this year, and we had a lot of fun making these simple costumes.  For me, there's something memorable about each costume.

Dylan is pretty much the cutest ghost ever, and his soft ghost sounds are far from scary.

Alex came up with his costume idea on his own, insisting that he be a vampire bat.  The blood is his design, too, as he requested that he "look like I just bit somebody."

Adam sat patiently through my first attempt at skull face paint, and was complimentary and appreciative of the job I did.  And the costume is vintage - a hand-me-down that Daddy wore as a child (and Grandma kept hoarded).

I went as a witch, and Kirk handled his own zombie costume.  I got home from Dickens rehearsal to find that he'd had all sorts of fun with the tattoos and fake blood.

And of course, the party was awesome as always.  My boys look forward to it every year, and the days leading up to this year's event were filled with "How many more days until the Halloween Party?"

Grandma combined some of her classic games (musical headstones and the saw-dust search) with a new relay race and blow up ring toss.  She also gave each child a costume award.  Adam brought home the "most traditional" category, while Dylan got "cutest" and Alex got "most creative."

Thanks, Grandma Tess, for another year of Halloween fun!


Sarah said...

Great costumes! Traditional and endearing on each boy.
I am storing away the idea of musical headstones. That sounds fun.