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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Interactive Pinterest

Thanks to the excellent lesson format in both Sunday School and Relief Society today (and thanks to the fact that I snuck out of Primary to enjoy both), the day at church felt like an interactive Pinterest (and left me kind of wishing to be released from Primary so I could visit more often). 

You know how sometimes you don't even realize you've really been wanting to (or needing to) improve in an area until you hear every one else's great ideas?  That was church today.  And not in an overwhelming, I'll never be good enough, way.  More like a, That's totally doable! way.

Nothing earth-shattering.  Nothing deeply doctrinal.  But definitely some much needed chicken soup for a tired mom's soul in the form of actual people doing actual things.  Suggestions to read a quick verse of actual scripture along with my current easy-way-out scripture videos at bedtime.  Reminders of the blessings one can earn by reducing distractions like coveting.  Simple, implementable, doable stuff, mentally pinned (and likely to be just as ignored as my real Pinterest pins). 

But I'm glad to be reminded that I should be doing better.  Even better to be told how I can be doing better.  Now let's see if any of it sticks.  ;)