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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Back Porch Kind of Day

Kirk hates eating outside.  Which was why it was just fine that he was off coaching his Young Men's basketball team in their Region game last night instead of eating dinner with me, Michelle, and all the combined littles.

As we dragged folding chairs out (my picnic table benches haven't quite made it home after their annual use on stage in the Dickens Festival) and set up dinner, I quickly felt the effects of a much needed Vitamin D High.  Maybe it was the warmth of the sun.  Maybe it was the delicious maple dijon pork tenderloin.  But I'm pretty sure it was mostly the view:

Three awesome sons.  A sister who cooks me dinner.  Smiles and bubbles from a baby whose bum I don't have to change.  Tyler in pigtails.  And a view of my new backyard.

No wonder it felt like a back porch kind of day.

Note: I'm really not willing to part with the boys, the babies, the sister, or the new house, but I can at least share the delicious recipe.

But you may want to check with Michelle - I think she put some of the sauce on the side.  I'm not sure exactly what she did, but it was delicious!