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Friday, March 28, 2014


ON topic:


1. a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

OFF topic:

Did you know...

that there is a little arrow beneath the Google definition box that comes up when you search for a word?  And if you click that little arrow, you get all sorts of cool stuff, like this:

Now, not only do I have a specific definition for a common enough word that no one needed the definition anyway, but I also now have the knowledge that the word coincidence experienced some sort of resurgence in the 1960's, and my mind is kind of off on some journey trying to figure out just why that may have happened.  

NEAR topic:

We've been making great progress on our house, and it has been really exciting to live close enough to literally see the changes every day.  If I had been on the ball enough, I'd have taken pictures daily and done a cool time-lapse video set to some existentially relevant song.  But I wasn't.  So as for the exterior, it went something like this:

1. Wow!  I can't believe how fast they framed that!  I can't wait to see the brick color.
2. {Insert panic here as I saw the delivered brick sitting on its pallet and didn't realize only the face of the brick - which I couldn't see - bears the colors I'd chosen}  Oh, no!  The brick is so red.  What if I hate it?
3. Nevermind.  The brick is totally gorgeous.  I can't wait to see the stucco color.
4. {Insert panic here as I saw the colored stucco before it had dried}  Oh, no!  The stucco is so yellow.  Can I live with that?  
5. Nevermind.  The stucco is really creamy and great.  I can't wait to see it with all the dark brown accents!
6. Yay!  I was right, and the dark brown gutters and shutters really make it look even less yellow.  Whew.  I can't wait until they hang the garage door.
7. Hey, they installed the - || WHOA! || {Insert random flashback to the house I grew up in plus a, "Hmm... that was weird..." afterthought} - garage door.  It looks great!  I can't wait until they paint the front door.

FINALLY Getting to the Real Topic

Nothing has changed on the exterior since the garage door, but the weird flashbacky thing keeps happening.  I mentioned it to Kirk and then wondered aloud, "I wonder exactly what it is that is reminding me so much of the house I grew up in?  I can't quite remember, but maybe it had a dark brown garage door."

I made plans to drive by it next time I was heading out to the school, but then I had a great idea.  Google Street View.  

Hm.  Yep.  Dark garage door and dark shutters and dark gutters.  Light creamy contrasts.  I guess maybe it has one or two things in common with the new house:

Which leads me to wondering...


I chose the colors in a piecemeal sort of way.  Being particularly terrible at visualization, I really had no concept of what these tiny little swatches of color would turn into.  So I certainly had no overt plans of paying tribute to my childhood home.  Could my subconscious have been expressing some sort of a yearning to make this house feel just right in that way that only going home can?  Or did the colors of that home somehow influence the colors that seemed ideal when I started making the many tiny abstract choices that are slowly turning into a real thing?

Who knows.  The good news is that each time I turn the corner on the way to "the new house," it looks perfect to me.