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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Adam has been working toward earning his Faith in God award, an achievement he can accomplish when he is eleven if he has met a list of requirements.  Since I was a bit behind, trying to figure out this Mom stuff, we didn't start the Faith in God when he was eight like we should have.  So just after his ninth birthday, we sat down to determine which of the requirements he'd met just by being the incredible kid he is. The "Developing Talents" section was easy; between theater and sports he met the required two activities for the year.  And one particular option under the subheading "Serving Others" stood out.
Entertain young children with songs or games you have learned or made yourself. Show that you know how to care for and protect a young child.
When I met Kirk, he explained to me that he had always wanted to be a dad.  Not in that, "Someday I'll be a dad," sort of a way, but in the sort of way that by the time he was eighteen, he really wanted a child.  I had known girls who were that way, my high school best friend Emilee Anderson being one of them.  Emilee had a way with kids, she talked about being a mom, and I just knew that whenever that happened for her, she would be amazing.  Kirk's desire for kids reminded me of Emilee and was one of the things that attracted me to him in the first place.

I didn't get a chance to know nine-year-old Kirk.  From many of the stories, I'm fairly certain I'm grateful for that!  But when I look at the way our son handles his little cousins, I can only imagine that this is how Kirk must have been.  And I can only think of the word "nurturing."

Yesterday, Adam had been a huge help with the kids all day, and I knew he was going to need to be a big help during the evening.  I sent Alex and Dylan outside and asked Adam if he'd like to take a break from the kids and play a game with Mom and Dad - no little kids allowed.  I explained that sometimes it is easier to keep being patient if you have had a bit of a break.  I turned to finish a few last dishes in preparation for the game, and when I turned back around, there Adam sat, quietly rocking Ryder to sleep.

 "Michelle, he's trying to snuggle into me," he explained as Ryder tried to bury his head in Adam's chest.  Recognizing his telltale sign of being ready for a nap, she offered to put him to sleep.  But Adam insisted that he could do it.  Michelle brought out a blanket to block some of the light, and she taught Adam how to hold Ryder in a way that would soothe him.

Recognizing that her brother wrapped up in a blanket meant his nap time.  Tyler rushed over to "Shhh" everyone.

Noticing that her little legs couldn't quite push her up to sit beside him, Adam expertly balanced baby in one arm while helping Tyler up with the other.  I've seen this maneuver countless times from Michelle, Skye, and Kirk.  I've tried it a few times myself, and it's not exactly easy.  But Adam continued to rock Ryder while giving Tyler the love and attention she was seeking.

I don't think my picture taking really helped Ryder to fall asleep.  

I imagine that someday in the not-as-distant-as-it-seems future, Adam will marry a beautiful girl, and they'll give me a beautiful grandchild.  They will visit for Sunday dinner, and his wife will go on and on about how good Adam is with the baby.  How he is so calm.  How his lack of anxiety helps their infant feel safe and comforted.  How she is so grateful to know that he is the father of their children.

I will smile, remembering that is exactly how I felt about Kirk.  And then I'll begin the story of how Adam was born a good dad.