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Monday, January 14, 2008

Blowing Kisses

My baby boy is seeming less and less like a baby each day. His cute, chubby face is all too quickly sporting a toddler-ish appearance, and every day he learns more and more. While I was excited to see all this happen with Adam, I am a bit reluctant to let Baby Alex grow up. But apparently, he intends to do so whether I like it or not.

The newest addition to his repertoire is blowing kisses. He just learned this trick yesterday, but he mastered it in a matter of moments. He puts his index finger inside his mouth, pulls it out, and then smacks his lips together. Throughout the process, his little face just beams with pride in his accomplishment. So far, the proud recipients of his little blown kisses include Mom and Dad, Adam, assorted extended family members, and one peanut butter sandwich.