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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Congrats to Michelle

For any of you who know my sister, Michelle, you might be interested to know that she is engaged. The official proposal happened the day after Christmas in a cemetery. If you think that is weird, join the club. However, Michelle loved it. She's marrying Skye Davis who she met in the shows at the Starlight Mountain Theater this summer. In addition to music, Skye likes college football (especially Boise State), cheerleading, and probably other stuff that I just don't know yet.

I'll definately get the opportunity, though. Skye will be living with us from February until he and Michelle get married on May 3rd in the Jordan River Temple. Then they'll be moving to Idaho to participate in the summer shows at the theater and so Skye can start work on his degree at Boise State. He plans to be an electrician.

Anyway, Kirk and I are really excited to be getting a brother-in-law, and we're particularly excited that Michelle chose Skye. I'll post engagement pics, etc. as everything gets a little closer.