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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Computer training for the IRS

So we had our computer training today for the IRS. For those who know me you know I know a little bit about computers. I wouldn't call myself an expert but I do know more than the average user. So the training today was soooooo long. I did learn a couple things but not a whole lot. Well the trainer was trying to show us how to encript an email message but couldn't find the button to make it possible. I was able to figure out how to get it to show but the trainer didn't want to hear it. I think he didn't like me stepping on his toes. I was just trying to help and I thought I did it descreatly. I approached him durring the break and told him. I just thought it was funny that he wouldn't consider for a second. So I showed the people by me. I showed them some other things during the training that made things easier than the way the trainer was showing us. That is pretty much all that happened today. Did I mention that the training was long?

On another note, I get to fly home tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited to come home and see my family. I will be home until March and then fly out again but this time it will be for three weeks and it will be in Kansas City, MO. That sucks in two ways. 1. I will be gone for three weeks (I can fly home on the weekend but it still sucks). 2. I will miss Alex's first birthday. I realize he will not remember but I will. I feel like such a bad parent. Now all I need to do is miss my aniversary and Andrea's birthday and I will be batting a thousand.


Martha Belle Schultz said...

It was fun having you guys over the other night , lets do it again soon . Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Kirk, yeah, you better believe we'll get together if you ever do training out in North Carolina. I've got a bone to pick from being embarrassed by your "Totally Insane Card game" Skills.

And sorry about not notifying you of the move. Turns out we forgot to tell several people, including family. Oops.

I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well. We miss you all. Stay cool.