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Monday, January 21, 2008

No Cavities

Kirk, Adam and I all had dental check-ups today. I'm always worried that, despite all my brushing, I will be told I have a mouthful of cavities. I'm proud to report that I had my second consecutive clean check up today! I think my mouth is so full of fillings and crowns that there is no room left to get a cavity. Whatever the reason, I am really happy to know I'm okay. Adam also walked away cavity (or monster, as I told him) free.

Kirk, on the other hand, has to get a crown. I mention this only because he has been so proudly bragging of his lack of cavities at our last several visits. This blog is pretty much just my method of boasting my success over him.

I am also excited because my dentist seems to think a nightguard may significantly reduce the constant pain in my jaw. I have to wait until our new flex spending kicks in so I can afford the $300 contraption, but I am really excited to see if it can save me from having to spend thousands on jaw surgery.


Kirk said...

Yes I have a cavity and yes I am getting a crown. But lets not forget this is my first cavity in about 4 or 5 years which is definately a record for me. Plus the cavity isn't really a cavity. The dentist said it is discolored and will become a cavity. The problem comes from the bad dental work I got as a kid. That dentist drilled WAY to deep so I don't have a lot tooth left. The dentist said it I wait for it to eat the tooth (6 months) I am looking at a root canal as well. So it is a very, very small cavity.

Unknown said...

Hey I have a mouth guard. I love it. I can totally tell the difference when I don't wear it.

Katie said...

When they say mouth guard, do they mean for TMJ? Cuz I have TMJ and my dentist made me what he called a 'splint' and... well it didn't really help me much, but that's because my teeth shifted and I couldn't wear it anymore. Do you have TMJ, Anj?