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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Announcing... Tasha

After a lot of discussion, Kirk and I have come to the conclusion that we need to get rid of our dog, Diego. We rescued him when he showed up in my parents' backyard, hoping he would be a good fit for our family. In most ways, he was. Unfortunately, he won't stop using my closet as a toilet no matter what we try. So, sadly, Diego has to go.

We still want a dog, though. Just one that doesn't pee in the house, and ideally one that people actually like. (I'm not quite sure why, but no one likes Diego except maybe Chris and Kris. I don't know -- do you guys even like him?) Anyway, we still want a four-legged friend to cuddle with and feed the kids' messes to.

Enter Tasha.

Tasha is a Rotweiller/Beagle mix and she weighs in at 37 lbs, which makes her about 15-20 lbs less than Sam, if you remember him. She is sweet as can be and seems to love us. She has been great with the kids so far, letting them poke her and stuff even when she was scared. She slept with Adam last night and was actually very reluctant to leave his bedroom this morning. So far, she is looking like a great fit for our family.


Kris said...

Does Tasha howl like Diego? :-|