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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged (Kirk)

1. I cannot believe I am going to say this but I have kissed another guy. I do not even think it counts cause our lips hardly touched. Long story short he came to act like he kissed me and at the same time I acted like I was going to kiss him. Neither one of us knew the other was going to do that and our lips barely connected.

2. I love animated movies. I am so excited that I have kids because now I can act like I am going for them when in reality I am going for myself.

3. Another genre of movies I love are chick flicks. I mean seriously these are good shows. Movies do not always need to be action, fighting, blood, and stuff like that. Yes, those are great movies.

4. I like musicals. This is not something you find in a "jock" but it is true. Geez if I keep this up it is going to seriously sound like I am gay.

5. I hate putting lotion on babies. Heck lets face it I hate putting lotion on anything including myself. I cannot stand that slimy feeling you get from lotion.

6. I actually like hospital food. The only exception to this is the last time I was in the hospital for my knee. But I was on really powerful antibiotics so all my food tasted funny. So it was not the hospital food that tasted bad, everything tasted bad.

7. I really want to be a teacher. Fortunately, I think I found a short-term solution to this problem. Once I am done with training for the IRS or I have been there a couple of years I can go teach at the University of Phoenix. I have my masters and I work in the tax field so I could teach the tax class for the accounting program. I think that sounds like a good fit.

For those I'm tagging next:

1. Cody
2. Jay
3. Raini
4. Okay I am lame
5. Andrea stole my people
6. So I am only tagging
7. Three people

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Cody Taylor said...

Yup, he's turned gay folks. No, not happy, homosexual.

Cody Taylor said...
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Fountaine's said...

My brother is so gay ;-)

Mark said...

Not gay. Barely. If you didn't have a pretty wife and 2 kids, I'd agree with everyone else, though.