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Monday, February 4, 2008

Not Looking Forward To Next Training

Okay so I have posted before about my next training that will take place in March (3-27). The training will be going over the 1040, for those of you that do not recognize what that is it is the tax form you fill out when you file your taxes. It will be interesting to get the in depth knowledge that I will receive. I've learned about it in college but I am sure it was really basic stuff I was taught. For example I was reading about the schedule A today that is attached to the 1040 in my personal study today at work and I already learned more stuff I never knew that had to do with charitable contributions, business expenses, and casualty loses to name a few things.

Anyway back to the training issue. I thought I would research today how much a plane ticket would cost to fly back and forth from Kansas City to Salt Lake City. It looks like it will be about $450 dollars. The per diem rate for lodging is $103 with $49 for food an misc expense per day. That brings the total if I stayed for the weekend to $304. So the IRS will reimbursement the $304 so I would have to pay the remaining $146 out of my pocket. There is no way I can pay that so it looks like I will be spending 3 1/2 weeks by myself with no car in Missouri. I think what I will end up doing is not eating a lot so I can use the money I save on per diem towards the plane ticket. Being away from my family for 24 days is just too much for me, besides Alex turns 1 while I am away in Missouri which will make being away that much harder.

I also just found out I will be gone for a Blaze game. This will be the first Blaze home game I will miss. :( Now the question becomes who will Andrea take to the game that night or if she will just give the four tickets some some lucky family.


Jay said...

oooo ooooo let me be some some lucky family!!!! Please, you don't even have to give them to me I will pay you for them. Sucks about training dude another reason for me to stay selling nuts & bolts.


Kris said...

I'm sorry that you have to be away from your family for such a long period of time. We will make sure to take care of them while you are gone and have them over for dinner and such. Hang in there.

Andrea said...

It will be tough, and we will miss you, but your little family is strong. We'll make it. :) Now I just need to talk my mom into celebrating Easter early since you're missing that, too.

Unknown said...

Andrea will take me so that she and I can get some grown up time with adult conversation and time away from kids!!