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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

Okay so I don't know about anyone else but wow that was a great Super Bowl. With the start of the first quarter I was thinking it would be a high scoring game. Turns out to be quite the defensive battle. I must admit I would have liked to see the Patriots run the table and get the championship but I was going for NY even though I really didn't think they would win. I was very pleasantly surprised that NY was able to pull it off. Anyway that is all I have to say about the game.


Jay said...

I agree the game was awesome, I got to watch it by myself so I really got to concentrate & watch the game. I just had Ella with me. We were (are) both sick so we stayed home while Raini & the other kids went to her Mom & Dad's.

Kris said...

Christopher and I watched it yesterday and thought the very same thing. We thought the game was very exciting as was some of the commercials.

Mark said...

It was a rockin' game indeed. Kept my interest the whole time, which is no small feat considering I'm not a big football fan.
It's gotta be the only time I have ever watched TV with a group of people who were talking during the main attraction and "shushing" me during the commercials.