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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Adam and the Movie House

I've always teased Kirk for calling the movie theater the "movie house," but apparently I'm now stuck with it, because he has taught Adam to call it the same thing. On Memorial day, Adam got the opportunity to attend his first movie at the "movie house." He's never had much of an attention span, so we had to wait until he was good and ready and had proved that he'd be able to make it through the show. We went to "Chronicles of Narnia," which turned out to have a lot of fighting for a 3 year old, but he did really well. Kirk & I both enjoyed watching him watch the movie. He generally had one piece of popcorn wedged between his fingers, suspended in mid-air somewhere near his mouth as he stared at the screen, enthralled by the movie. He had to leave twice to go pee, but other than that, he never caused a disruption. Now I can't wait for "Wall-E" to come out so he return to the movie house again.