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Friday, June 13, 2008

One Step at a Time

As many of you know, Alex is now 15 months old and still not walking. This wouldn't concern me that much, except that his feet have always been pretty turned in, and we've been worried that this has caused the delay in him learning to walk. When he was 9 months old, his pediatrician & I tried to get him in to see an orthopedic doctor, but we were told no. Now that he has reached 15 months, his pediatrician suggested trying physical therapy. So, off we trudged to the PT at 7:30 this morning.

If I had realized that PT for kids was like a big playland, I would never have taken Adam with us. He proved to be a bit of a challenge, but we got through it. The therapist had Alex try a few different activities, but he was mostly grouchy because I had to wake him up too early. She was able to tell me, though, that his biggest problem is that he has a larger-than-normal range of motion in most of his joints, but particularly his hips. This causes him to be very wobbly, and actually allows his feet to turn in. Most kids have developed tighter joints by this time, but Alex has not. In part, this is apparently due to "W" sitting. (Picture a child sitting on his knees, but with his feet out to the sides forming a W.) So, no more W sitting for Alex.

The therapist said that there is no real reason to worry; many kids don't walk until 15-18 months. Beyond that, they don't really take not walking seriously until a child is 2 years old. She said the best thing for him right now is to try to develop muscles to compensate for his joints, and for us to try to keep him standing as much as possible so he can wear the grooves into his joints that will eventually make him feel stable. She said he'll just need to spend a lot longer than most kids in the "pre-walking" activities until he has built up his muscles and refined his joints.

She also prescribed taking him to the kids play center at the West Valley Fitness Center. She suggested that I get some knee pads and get right in there with him. Since he loves to explore, she thinks this will really help him build his muscles and his confidence.

I feel better after the appointment, because at least now I understand what is going on with his little body, and I have some ideas of how to help him. I will also have answers for the MANY people who constantly ask why he isn't walking. I'll just tell them he'll get there one step at a time.


Unknown said...

Ella was almost 15 mo before she walked and then one day she decided she was done crawling and with no notice what so ever bam she was mobile.

Amelia said...

Andrea - you may not remember me, but an old friend of ours, Rosie, gave me your blog address. (hope that is ok) I used to be a classmate of yours back in the days of Challenger. Amy Terry. Ring a bell? maybe? :) Well I just wanted to say that I have a 14 month old daughter who doesn't crawl and doesn't walk. She scoots on her bum and refuses to be on her knees. But I totally understand where you are coming with the walking. Like you said - one step at a time. Anyway, hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out well. I'm sure he'll be a walking machine before you know it.

Andrea said...

Amy - Yep, I definately remember you! I'm so glad Rosie passed my address on. I checked out your profile, and I was sad to not see a blog there. Are you on the web someplace? I'd love to see pics of you & your kids!