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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Change/No Change Situation

Honey, the title was for you. Everyone else can start reading here. --->

Two Sundays ago, we got the news that our ward would be splitting. The meeting that evening revealed that it was more of a realignment than a traditional split, but the short version is simply that we, and many of our Hunter Village friends, are now part of the previously existing Hunter 4th Ward. Any members from the old Hunter 4th still retain their callings, while those of us imported from Hunter Village each got a fresh start. That's where this blog's title comes in.

My part is the "No Change." Although I got to enjoy Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday last week with no calling, on Wednesday evening I was simply reinstated to my same position: Ward Music Chairperson, or whatever that calling is called. I'm still in charge of selecting hymns for Sacrament meeting, arranging special musical numbers, organizing the organists & choristers, and leading the ward choir. I'm neither excited nor disappointed. Something new may have been fun, but at least with this I know what to expect.

Kirk, however, gets to claim the "Change." On Sunday, he will be sustained as the Ward Mission Leader. I think he has a better idea than I do of what this is going to entail. All I know is that he will have meetings every Sunday, that he'll probably end up doing quite a few exchanges with the missionaries, and that he'll need to be out visiting people a lot. Oh, and I know he'll be awesome at it. He hasn't come to that conclusion yet, but I know that his way with people will be really effective in this calling.

All in all, we're excited about our new ward (although we'll miss seeing some of our old friends each week), and we're ready to embark on this Change/No Change journey.


Anonymous said...

Kirk, you'll do great as the Mission Leader. After all, you slam dunked my stubborn wife after years of eternal investigation and Elder Horsley talking her out of it. Not bad!

Andrea, I dare you have the congregation sing "popcorn popping" on fast Sunday. You'd be the ultimate legend in Mormon lore.