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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For Blogger Members Only

Hey, if you aren't doing the new "blog list" yet, I'm telling you to take the time to set it up. Kirk did it on ours (thanks, hon), and I'm loving it. Now all your blogs display according to who has most recently updated, and I get a little snippet of your most recent post right on my blogspot. I can now get quick updates without having to actually enter each blog just to find out that it hasn't been updated recently. I highly recommend this new feature!

Blogger Buzz: Show off your favorite blogs with a Blog List#links


Jay said...

That is freaking cool I did mine, (that's what she said) however on login protected blogs it will not show updates.

Ross Family said...

Awesome! I actually work up here so I will be here everyday but Wednesday! And Kyler likes to bring up the kids on friday to camp so they can totally hang out with yours! that awesome!