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Thursday, September 9, 2010


My first thought when I saw the school fundraiser items (the new, reduced size Happenings card) was to immediately send them back with a note saying, "Adam will not be participating this year."  I did not want to fundraise.  Period.

Then I read the note outlining the rewards.

1. Candy grab.  Whatever.
2. Some stupid frog thing that any kid would immediately lose.  (Ok... maybe those weren't the exact words.)
3. Ice cream party.  Hm.
4. Bounce party.  Yep... Adam would pretty much love that.

My second thought was that perhaps it was not fair for me to make the decision for Adam whether he would participate or not. 

So I sat him down and explained that Mommy would not do the work for him.  If he wanted to sell them, he would have to think of people to call, call them, and ask them to buy a book.  I explained the reward system and asked if he'd like to sell them or just take them back to the school.  He decided he'd really like to try to sell four.

I asked him to come up with a list of people to call.

1. Uncle Jack
2. Grandma and Grandpa Fife
3. Grandma and Grandpa Casdorph

Unfortunately, anyone else he could think of has kids who will also be selling them.

So Mom and Dad agreed that if he could sell three, we'd buy the fourth.

Calling his list was a good exercise in using the phone.  I told him the numbers, and he dialed himself.  I also wrote up a picture cue card to help him remember what to say.

"Hi, this is Adam," he started robotically, never really warming up into a normal speech pattern.  "I am selling coupon books for my school.  If I sell four, I can go to a jump party.  They cost $20.  Would you like to buy one?"

Everyone on his list was a sucker.  (Thanks, guys!)  I am now the proud owner of a $20 coupon book, and the proud mommy of a five year old who is willing to work for what he wants.

I heard the next fundraiser is candy bars.  Great.


Nene said...

Just wait until both of your boys are in school and want you to buy from each of them, lol. At the end of the day I'd rather write a $40 check to the PTA knowing my full $40 would go to them and I wouldn't have to deal with a coupon book (or two) I'll always forget I have. They tried a cash fundraiser a couple of years ago and from what I heard it I guess coupon books and candy bars are the way to go. My boys came home with their frogs today with big smiles on their faces. :) I'm sure they'll be lost or forgotten about soon.