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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is He a Cup?

Adam has never seen the benefits of learning his friends' names, prefering to refer to them during play as "kid," and to me as, "you know that boy who was wearing blue..."  We've been encouraging him to learn one classmate's name each day, and we ask him at dinner if he met anyone new.  The first kid whose name he reported was Soda. 

A few days later, he was excited to tell me he'd learned another name. 

Me: "Really?  Whose name did you learn?"

Adam: "Carlos, and guess what Mom?  When we go outside for recess, we are in the Five Squat, and Soda is the leader of the Five Squat."

Me: "The what?"

Adam: "The Five Squat."

Me (still confused): "Is that something you choose to do, or something your teacher asks you to do?"

Adam (looking at me like I should know exactly what he's talking about): "It's something we choose."

Me: "Is it like a group or a club?"

Adam: "Yes, it's the Five Squat, and Soda is the leader."

Me: "Oh, did Soda make it up?"

Adam: "Yeah, and you have to be five to be in it."

Me: "Oh... the Five Squad.  It's squad, honey.  It means it's like a group."

Adam: "Yeah, and Soda's the leader."

Alex (finally joining the conversation): "Is he a cup?"


Evette Mendisabal said...

LOL! That's so cute!! It's amazing how their little brains work.

Kris said...

Lol. Adorable!

coryshay said...

haha, that's hilarious!