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Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Deals!

Our Back-2-School funding was running pretty much on empty this year, but thanks to a couple of really good deals, we were able to get what we needed. 

But I'm mostly posting this just in case you didn't know about the Sears Kid Advantage program yet.  Basically it goes like this...

You buy your kids clothes at Sears.

You keep the receipt if it is Lee or Levi's brand.

When (notice I say when, not if) the clothes get frayed, torn, or otherwise mangled, you take them back to Sears.

Sears lets you pick out any item of the same size and brand, and you get the brand new replacement...


I learned this last summer and bought all of Adam's school pants there.  He trashed them, but not until the end of the school year.  Thankfully, we'd bought them big (we never know how fast that kid is going to grow), so we'll get at least until Christmas out of them.  We took them and the receipt (I like Lee brand jeans) in to Sears and came back out with...

...four brand new pair of pants, just waiting to be worn to school.  The best part is, I don't have to be hyper-vigilant about not letting Adam ride his bike in his school pants.  (I do still at least try, though.)  If he breaks them, they'll fix them.  For free.  Awesome.

The same day, I also got to go to a clothing swap a friend was hosting.  I donated a bag of clothes that no longer fit me.  I came home with a few great items for each member of the family.  (Except for Kirk... it seems no one donated any items for 6'3" men.  Too bad.)  I'm thinking that this upcoming summer I may host my own.  So if you go through the kiddos dressers in early summer, hang on to your give away items!  Maybe in August, you can magically turn them into something useful.

(These are the items I grabbed that will fit us now.  Yes, those are three Shade shirts I got for free.  I had a whole separate pile of things that should fit the kids next year.)