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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Happening...

Dylan - getting more and more mobile (shown here on top of Dad's laptop table)

Alex - tested for allergies (negative so far) and evaluated for asthma (positive)

All the Boys - played with out-of-state cousins at the Gateway Children's Museum

Adam & Alex - wrote their names in salt during "Activity Jar" time

Mom - appreciated the $10 gift card sent by Kohl's

Adam - taught Dylan how to roll a ball (Dylan didn't cooperate for long!)

Dad - scored bonus points by getting Mom a Sony Reader for her birthday

Dylan - experimented with various drinking methods (he prefers the dog water, but Mom insists on the new sippy)

Mom - sharpened her piano skills playing in a band for Footloose! (and is now taking lots of Ibuprofen to combat tendonitis)

On to October!