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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Play Ball

 While I’ve been busy at Joseph rehearsals, Kirk has been busy coaching both of the older boys’ baseball teams.  

 They’ve been playing over at the Magna Recreation Center, which – by the way – has gorgeous mountain views for one who is easily distracted.

 I made it to 15 minutes of one of Alex’s games (and then had to hurry to rehearsal).  That was enough for me to truly appreciate the challenge Kirk has taken on in coaching these 4 and 5 year olds.

Adam’s games worked better with my schedule, and I made it to 1 ½.  The second game I attended was called when thunder and lightning started.  Of course, then I had to explain to Adam that thunder can’t hurt him.  “If I yelled really loud, would it hurt your arm?” I asked him.  He processed for a minute, shrugged, and apparently conquered his fear of thunder.

But keeping track of Dylan on the sidelines is just as big of a job as coaching...

I don't think Kirk will ever coach 2 teams simultaneously again, but he says he didn't mind coaching the older team.  We'll see if Coach Dad shows up for another season.