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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wiggin' Out

Things I've learned {so far} from my Joseph wig:

- If I ever envied women with lots of hair, I no longer do.  After combing out tangles, blow drying forever and feeling completely useless with a curling iron, I'll take my blow-dried-and-curled-in-under-ten-minutes coif any day.

- Maybe there's a reason why I'm the only girl in our family:

And then, of course, let the shameless self-promotion begin:

It really is going to be an incredible show in a gorgeous venue.  I get to dance my heart out in no less than 6 costumes, and I've also been the music director, too.  There are only 5 performances, so put it on your calendar now.  {If you blink, it will be July, and you will have missed it!}


Larla's hairstyles said...

My school just did Jospeh:)