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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2008

I don't know how this happened.  Apparently, on March 14, 2008, Lindy Ross must have been at my house and must have asked to use my computer and must have opened Blogger to post to her blog, not realizing it was signed in to mine.  She must have started a post and not finished it, and she was probably frustrated when she got home and found it missing from her drafts.  I just found it in mine.

This wouldn't be a big deal at all, except that in May 2010, Lindy Ross died in a tragic accident while on her way from her home in Colorado to go stay with her family in Idaho and help out at the Starlight Mountain Theatre.  She was driving with her three young children, thankfully unharmed, whose ages mirror mine almost exactly.  She was younger than me, but not by much, and though we'd only met a handful of times, our lives were too similar to not feel some sort of connection.

When I got the news of her death, I literally collapsed onto the couch.  I bawled.  I called my sister, whose husband is Lindy's brother.  I talked to Skye.  I drove to Idaho to help pull off the fundraiser that was scheduled for that weekend and still had to happen despite the family needing to plan a funeral.  The trade-off was that I had to miss the funeral, because I could only manage one shotgun trip to Boise.  

I can't even really say that I knew Lindy.  I'd met Lindy.  I'd looked forward to getting to know Lindy that summer since our stays in Garden Valley were scheduled to overlap.  But in that brief acquaintance, Lindy impacted me.  I was impressed by her confidence, her beauty, her talent.  Her quick smile and open honesty.  Lindy and I would have been friends.  I just know it.

So here it is, the surprise I found stored on my blog.  A little, neglected bit of Lindy Ross, posted on 3/14, just as she intended it, just a few years late.

Favorite pair of shoes: I have a really cute pair of off-white shoes that are New Years Resolution: oh I `have many, but one is to have a years suppy of food storage.What are you listening to right now: Zayden and Kaleah watching Enchanted and Kyler on the phone.If you had $200.00 to spend on yourself what would you buy: A really good massage! and some new shoes, Dinner and maybe mini golf with Kyler!Random Thought: I'm really hungry!Favorite place to go in the city you live in: I love taking the kids for walk to the park. not a whole lot here in boise.....Book you are reading: oh if only I had time to read grown up books!

Lindy, you are missed.


Sarah said...

Gasp! This certainly makes one stop and think - to not take life's time for granted.
What a sweet tribute to include her little details. I am one we thinks that leaving that info was meant to happen on the computer of someone who would still be valiantly posting this many years later. :)