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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Puppy Sitting

After a weekend of dog sitting, I think I now have an appreciation for what it is to be a grandparent; all of the fun with none of the responsibility.  We watched three dogs, which was a perfect ratio to our three boys.  

When the boys were insistent on taking the dogs for walks, I attached leashes and sent three boys with a dog each into the backyard.  My dad has always referred to this type of activity as taking the dog for a choke, since most dogs excitedly pull against the leash, choking as the reluctant owner struggles to keep the dog's desired pace.  Well, unfortunately for the dogs, this was neither a walk nor a choke; I am fairly certain the kids took the dogs for a drag.  When I opened the door to let the hoard back in, I was greeted by three pair of puppy dog eyes which plainly said, "Seriously, woman?"

Taggert, the littlest of the bunch, was perfectly Dylan-sized and reluctantly willing to play the part of live toy for the weekend.  We quickly identified Dylan's point-and-grunt combination as his way of saying, "That dog should never have to walk on his own four paws.  Please bring him to me, and I will carry him around.  I will probably even try to carry him up and down the stairs, so you'd probably better watch us pretty closely."

By Monday, I was pretty tired of the point-and-grunt and perfectly content to have the puppies go home. Being a grandparent must be awesome!