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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I always feel bad for those who try to photograph Dylan.  They spend so much time and energy trying to get him to smile.  What they don't realize is that he already is.  He just doesn't smile with his mouth.  He smiles with his eyes.

Who knew that smiling with your eyes has its own name?  Apparently, it's called "smizing," and anyone who knows D knows that almost all his expressions come through his baby blues.

I could tell the photographer seemed disappointed that she hadn't captured his smile.  Hadn't captured it?  False.  She just didn't see it.  But for this mama, who has learned to substitute minute differences in his expressions for the words he doesn't say, these pictures are perfect.  100% Dylan.

Plus all the fun shots, I got the shot I'd gone in for.  A traditional, looks-good-amongst-a-wall-of-cousin's-school-photos-at-Grandma's-house headshot.

And in case his cuddly, sweet nature doesn't grow with him, I'll be glad to have this memory:

Thanks, JCPenney, for once again delivering easy, cheap, and consistently adorable memories.  And I can't wait to get Alex's done next!