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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Small Success

Dear Mrs. Fife,

I'd like to thank you for accepting me into the theater class.  I had a wonderful time.  With your choreography, the stage and actors lit up with excitement.  The moves were very fun to do.  I looked forward to seeing what new moves you'd come up with for a song.  I love your creativity in coming up with the dance moves.  My favorite set of moves was "The Hop."  I think you'd win a dance competition, guaranteed!  I'll miss you when school is over but we'll see each other next yaer!  I loved after school theater with you and Mrs. Casdorph.  I can't wait for theater with you next year!  You've inspired me very much, and I think I will choreograph some dance moves myself when I'm older.

Keep on dancing!  I wish you and Mrs. Casdorph a very great, stupendous summer!


P.S.: I think you and Mrs. Casdorph have lovely singing voices!  Please tell Mrs. Casdorph I want her to have a good summer, too.  I love your moves for "Razzamatazz!"  See you in music!