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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Review of Reviewing

Watching a show and analyzing what I liked and didn't like?  Yep, sounds like a typical trip to the theater to me!  That's why I was ecstatic when the Utah Theatre Blogger Association (UTBA) replied favorably to my application to be one of their reviewers.

It's not exactly a paid gig.  But I do get 2 free tickets to the show I review.  Translation: free date for me and my theater-lovin' husband.  Considering that tickets for Xanadu, my first review, ran for $10 to $24 each, I'll consider that adequate compensation.

But writing the review wasn't quite as easy-breezy as I'd anticipated.  Here are a few of my thoughts, post-review.

  • It's weird to take a notebook to a show, and it's really difficult to see what you're writing.
  • Paying such attention to detail made me feel like I missed out on the big-picture feel of the show.
  • Writing for a public site is much different than writing for my own blog.  In many ways.  Bigger audience, harsher critics, people who don't know and love me already.
  • Writing a critique knowing that the people you're writing about will read it = an exercise in balancing honesty with humanity.  I've been the actress waiting eagerly for the review.  It was different to be the one writing it.
  • I'm not accustomed to sending my work to an editor.  This was the most stressful part for me, especially since I thought I'd be getting an email back.  3 days with no email, and I finally decided to just check UTBA to see if they'd just run it.  They did, with not a single edit!  *phew*  That part will be less stressful next time.
  • I don't like coming up with a title.  It's one of my favorite parts on my blog, but it was really awkward for this.  My title was lame.  I wanted to use the word "Grand" in it, since that's where I saw the show, but decided that was probably overdone.  I wanted something that gave a nod to the show's content without being just plain stupid.  I went with a pretty lame title hoping maybe the editors would fancy it up.  They added "Grand," (should've gone with that), and it is still a lame title.
  • I thought my name was going to be posted with the review.  I've sent an email to see what I have to do to get to that level, because my ego demands seeing my name in print next to my review.  **UPDATE - they fixed it.  See what happens when you complain on the web?**
  • I'm anxious to do another!
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What a perfect match for you!