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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dreamers of the Day

I saw this quote on facebook yesterday and instantly thought of my Alex.  If I didn't think the phrase "dangerous men" displayed prominently in his room might freak him out a bit (and if I could afford all the vinyl...), I would display it on his E.A.C. wall just like this:

Not to remind him.

To remind me that this kid is capable of conquering the world if I'm willing to let him.  
To remind me to raise him up to be a Captain Moroni kind of dangerous.  
To remind me to empower his dreams and to encourage him to make them possible.


Logan Gifford said...

I hope I can take my daydreaming and turn it into something "dangerous". This goes well with my blog post for the day! Check it out! :) also, where did you find

Logan Gifford said...

The quote, and can I steal it? Sorry idk why that posted as two comments!

Matt Adams said...
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Matt Adams said...

What does EAC stand for?