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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blogging is Great...

...especially for those of us who suck at maintaining personal relationships. Some would say that technology (email, text messaging, blogging) is responsible for the demise of interpersonal communication. For those who have replaced a face-to-face conversation, or even a phone call, with an email or blog post, I guess maybe that's true. But since I was never any good at the face-to-face conversations or phone calls in the first place, blogging fills a huge social void and allows me to actually be somewhat proactive in maintaining friendships. For example:

We adore our friends Jay & Raini, but ever since they moved to Layton, we only see them once or twice a year. This last weekend was our annual camping trip, and we had TONS to talk about, because we all read each other's blogs and still feel connected to each other's daily lives.

My sister and her husband Skye recently moved to Idaho. While he was living with us, Skye and I became very good friends, often boring Kirk to death with our conversations that would frequently last past midnight. When Skye left, he said, "Make sure you call me all the time and let me know what's going on with the kids." I let him in on our little secret, which is that no matter how much Kirk and I like someone, we're probably not going to call. I've talked to Skye once in the 2 months since he's been gone. But if he REALLY wants to know what's going on with the kids, all he has to do is check the family blog.

I recently got a comment on my blog from a friend from elementary -- someone I haven't seen since like 1992. She's married and has two little boys. (Sound familiar?) Blogging now provides me with an easy opportunity to get to know someone who otherwise would have been completely lost to me.

Okay, having written three paragraphs to support the topic outlined in the introduction, I feel like I need some sort of a conclusion here. (I thank Challenger and the University of Phoenix for that.) But I'm pretty sure I lost all my readers by about the 3rd paragraph anyway.


Christopher said...

You didn't loose me. I'm glad Kris and I are starting to do this. :) See you soon! BTW, on saterday, we bought some fireworks already, but you can never have enough, so if you guys want to buy more, we won't complain, but if you can't then we've got a couple.

Kris said...

I'm with you on the blogging. I use to be all about calling my friends and chatting for hours on end, but in my later years I much prefer to do it in person or use technology to keep in touch.