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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Advice

I saw the advice cards from Lisa's wedding sitting on my dad's desk and decided that if Brett & Lisa didn't want them read, they'd have put them somewhere else. I came across one from my cousin's husband, and he definately had the best advice I've ever heard. So here it is:
  1. Tortina's Pizzas are only 99 cents and never get old.
  2. Sneeking up on your wife never gets old... ever.
  3. When your wife says "it would be nice if..." she fully expects you to do it.
  4. Getting your socks into the hamper doesn't count as "cleaning up." Trust me.
  5. Everything you will ever need to know about relationships can be found in chick flicks.
  6. Always let your wife dress you... its just easier.
  7. Driving through Wendy's won't count as "going out" to her.
  8. Fixing what's broken is your job. Pointing out what's broken is hers.

Dave - you are a very wise man.


Christopher said...

How does this man know my marriage so well? Good advice!

Steph said...

that is great!! i am going to pass that info on to ben!!