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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Again!

After a very long trip (or so it seemed), I've now been back home for a few days, gotten unpacked, and found a spare minute to blog. The boys and I spent last Sunday with Grandma & Grandpa Nelson up in Boise, ID. Adam loved to "fish" in Great Grandpa's pond, and Alex loved to paint with splenda.

Monday, we headed up to Garden Valley to see Skye & Michelle in their shows. We enjoyed all of them, but my favorite was Oklahoma. Jack and I also enjoyed rafting down the river, and I jumped off a bridge.

We visited Skye & Michelle at "the compound," which is where they and the other actors live. It has great access to the river with a nice sandy beach. We played down there for awhile, and we even caught a frog and a snake as well as some mussels, which we later ate.

After our Garden Valley stay, we drove to Tremonton, UT for the Nelson Norris Family Reunion. We had a birthday party for my Grandpa, who is turning 80 on 08-08-08, played in a bounce house, and had a flag retirement ceremony among other things. Adam was so worn out that he fell asleep within 3 minutes of getting into the car.

All in all, it was an amazing week, but I sure am glad to be home!


Unknown said...

Looks like a fun trip. Glad you are safe and had so much fun.

Kris said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you guys had a fun-filled week Glad you all made it back safely.