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Monday, July 28, 2008

Employment Change

I guess maybe life has been a little too easy for us lately, and it must be time for a challenge.

The internet really isn't the place for the details, so I'll make a pretty complicated story short. Last school year, my mom, my sister and I were all teaching for the same school, but I was at a different location. Through a crazy turn of events, my mom was unfairly fired, and in the aftermath, my sister quit. I decided that since I was at a different location and a little farther removed I could at least make it through the school year.

After the parents threw a fit, my mom was rehired, but it was too late for Lisa to do anything. She worked at various schools to make enough money to pay her rent, and she got through it.

At the end of the school year, I decided the best option for my family was for me to continue teaching there. I worked very few hours, and the pay was very good. I no longer felt any loyalty toward the company, but I felt I could go to work, do my job, and go on with life.

Over the weekend, however, I learned that one of the people directly responsible for everything that happened with my mom has been transferred to my location. I do not agree with the ethics this person has diplayed, and I cannot be in an environment where I would have to work with her. The school's administration has been showing an ever-increasing lack of morals and ethics, and though I've tried to turn a blind eye in order to make it through one more year, I know that I cannot do this anymore.

So, today I quit. Life could be a little interesting around here for awhile, but at least I know I will not have to face a stressful work environment every day. I can finally walk away and just be done with it.


Kris said...

I know this wasn't easy, but it sounds like you made the right decision. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Steph said...

That is a rough situation to be in. Good luck with all the changes that are to come! Let me know if you need anything..I am just up the road!!

Bill said...

Congratulations, way to stand up for your morals. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.

Heather said...

I am sure that was not an easy choice to make. But I know you would do what was best. Good luck with everything and I am always here for ya .,,,,

Teacher Mama said...

Good for you Andrea! I'm sure that was a tough decision. It sounds like your life has been stressful lately. I hope things improve soon.