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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Ramen Noodles Ad

My boys love ramen. Adam asks for noodles for lunch (and breakfast...and dinner) everyday. Yesterday, I told Adam if he wanted noodles, he'd have to go downstairs and get more. He invited Alex to come with him. 10 minutes later, Adam came up with 5 packages, then he went back down to get the 1 he'd given Alex to carry. Alex was apparently upset by this, so he crawled back into the grocery room, got a package of ramen, and carried it all the way upstairs. He was so proud of himself.

We made the noodles and fed the kids dinner. Adam got distracted and didn't quite finish his noodles. A half hour or so later, we heard a strange slurping sound. It was Alex, face down in Adam's bowl of noodles.

So if Maruchan Ramen is ever looking for poster children, we've got them right here.


Jay said...

They've got my vote!!! Love the ad idea also.

Kris said...

You've got to love kids. Top ramen rocks!

Steph said...

they are so cute! i wish noah would eat ramen!!!