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Thursday, July 21, 2011


When we made the decision to enroll Alex at "Shayla's Preschool" instead of "Jacque's Preschool," where we sent Adam, it was with the intention that he'd do his 3 year old preschool at the neighborhood school so we could save a bit of money and so I wouldn't have to drive 15 minutes for preschool.  Then we'd transfer him to the "big school" for his pre-K year.  There will be no transfer.  "Shayla's Preschool" has been everything I could ask for in a preschool, especially for a kid like Alex.  Shayla sings with them all the time, and Alex has come home knowing countless facts hidden in songs.  It doesn't hurt that he gets to go to preschool with his friends in Sunbeams, either.

Shayla held an advancement ceremony for the kids who will be entering the pre-K class next year, and it was fun to see the songs they'd learned.  I was such a proud mommy when Shayla sent home a note asking Alex to do 2 speaking parts, since she figured he'd be one of the most confident in front of a microphone.  I got too wrapped up in the program, though, and only videotaped one:

I can't believe how big my little Al is getting!

And I'm sure that in no time, his advancements will be an even bigger deal, like Uncle Jack, who just graduated from high school.

When our cousin, Brenda, asked Jack where he'd be going to college, he said, "The Rose Hulman Institute of Technology."  He explained that he'll be studying engineering at this particular school in Indiana.

She asked, "Oh, so is it pretty highly rated?"

Jack, not being one to toot his own horn, non-chalantly continued, "Yeah... on most lists it's rated... number one."

Thanks, Jack, for setting your goals high and for achieving them.  You are a great example to the three little boys who look up to you.