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Sunday, July 17, 2011

One of Many

One of the many pies I have had my fingers in lately came to a close two weekends ago.  My stake put on a patriotic celebration we called "Freedoms," and I was lucky enough to be heavily involved.  In addition to singing with the stake adult choir, I got to direct the stake youth choir, and I had 10 awesome youth who allowed me to turn them into a show choir - risers, choreography, and all!  I spent my afternoons hanging out with them for an hour an a half each day for about 2 1/2 weeks, and I 'm telling you, their performance was awesome!

I've also been working with 4 amazingly talented young men, ranging from sophomores to seniors at Cyprus High this year.  I wrote them an arrangement of "From a Distance," and I didn't go easy on them.  The video below is (sadly) not their best run through, but many of moments of it are awesome.  It has been great to get to know some of the youth of our stake and see both their talents and dedication. 

Adam and Alex were in the show, too, as a part of the Primary Chorus (which thankfully, I didn't have to direct).  Alex did as Alex does and stole the show when he tried to put down his picture of the redwood forests and discovered (and announced... loudly) that it could fly.  And Adam actually sang.  And did all the actions.  And didn't look like he hated it.  Success all around.

But as with any show, the best part about it is that it is DONE!


Sarah said...

You're great at letting others put your talents to good use!