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Friday, July 22, 2011

All Together

Growing up, I never thought much about how great it was to have all my family in one place.  But now that my sisters have both moved away, it's a rare treat I've learned to look forward to.  We see Lisa at least once a year, and we usually see Michelle a few times, but seeing them simultaneously is truly rare.

Brett and Lisa were here for 8 days in June, and Skye and Michelle managed to join us for about 36 hours of that time.  We had time for a bit of volleyball (but I was sick as a dog and didn't play, and Lisa had hurt her wrist).

Michelle, Mom, Kirk, Jack, (Chris - practically family), Dad, Brett, Skye

After the whole family sang in my ward on Sunday, everyone came over for our favorite family pasttime, games.  I think we laughed as hard as we played, and we were able to send Brett and Lisa back to the airport knowing we'd had some great time together.

At Leatherby's Celebrating Adam's Report Card


Trying to prove to Jack that the girls part was NOT easier... the girls are just better!