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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Award for Best Film Goes to...

Back when I actually used to do stuff with my kids, we had a jar called the "Activity Jar" with prompts for things we could do together.  One such activity was to make a movie.

I had Adam start by drawing a storyboard, an activity he took much more seriously than I expected.  I explained that as the director, he'd be in charge of the costuming and everything, and he drew costumes and props right into his pictures.

Adam's movie was fun to shoot, and I was excited to move on to Alex's.  But my "excited Mommy" voice quickly turned to an "annoyed Mommy" voice when he wasn't using the camera correctly.  Once things really got rolling, though, we still had a pretty good time.


Miss Megan said...

Your boys are darling!! Dylan's laughter in that second film just kills me, it's so cute! And I'm impressed with the level of detail in Adam's storyline, and Alex's enthusiasm and keeping the camera so steady. Thanks for sharing these -- it's fun to see you with your boys!