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Saturday, April 7, 2012


You know those videos of American Idol contestants doing cute things like singing in talent shows or school plays?  Well, just in case my kids ever get famous, and someone asks me if I have any videos of them singing when they were little, here's the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION of their very first not-for-mom audition songs.

I had them record each other, and in true Alex fashion, he started moving the camera side-to-side with the beat of the music.  So if he ever wins an Academy Award for best cinematography, well, that's documented, too.

For the record, their auditions went very well, and I was very proud.  I am not sure if the directors will be looking to cast kids as young as mine, but they did their best, and there are plenty of lessons to be learned just from auditioning.

And a bonus video of Dylan singing to his apple slices (and ending with a bit of Dylanese, translation: "I want water.")


Matt Adams said...

Did Alex wear a green shirt for the actual audition? That seemed like a very important part of the piece to him.