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Friday, April 27, 2012

Here's Your Sign

Dear Sign Holders in the Construction Zone on my Road-Less-Traveled Route to School Each Day,

When you turn the sign to "STOP" and put your hand out in a stop motion, I get that.  Thanks.  And when you turn the sign to "SLOW" and do that come on through motion, I'm good with that, too.

But when you combine "STOP" with come on through, please be patient with me as I try to figure out which one you really want.

Also, when you change the sign from "STOP" to "SLOW" and start the come on through, please don't glare at me when I check both ways before making my left turn.  I appreciate your indication that the road is clear, but I'm the one who's gonna get sideswiped if you're wrong.  I'm going to look both ways.  And when you speed up the come on through to indicate come on through, NOW!, it doesn't make my process any quicker.  It just makes me annoyed.

I'm pretty sure you guys have been there all school year, and it doesn't seem like you'll be leaving anytime soon.  I'd appreciate it if you would take these matters under consideration.

The driver of the bluish Mitsubishi Outlander who smiles at you every day, even when you treat her like an imbecile.