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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't Hate the Playa...

A little something for tax day:

(I overheard Alex watching this cartoon as I was getting ready for work one day in January.  I knew I had to save them for a day like today!)

"When we get sick it means a bacteria or virus has invaded our bodies.  Just like bill collectors or guys in suits telling you to pay your taxes, we attack them and we throw them out."  ("Surprise, surprise, the hippie doesn't like to pay taxes..."

"Look at these white blood cells united together to fight off the government.  I mean disease."

Besides the more obvious reasons, no wonder everybody hates the IRS.  Indoctrinated much?  And being married to the IRS, I kinda have to say, "Don't hate the playa... hate the game."

Happy Tax Day everyone.  Be sure to smile at your friendly neighborhood auditor.  :)