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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

I've been receiving annual Christmas letters from friends and family in the mail, and I've enjoyed reading each - even from those whose lives I follow step by step via blog.

Well, I'm an unfortunate combination of lazy and cheap this year, so there will be no mailed tidings of great joy.  But I would love to commemorate a great year in pictures and words.

So here it is...

The First Annual |BoyTrapped| Christmas Letter
With Photographs by Jami Marshall

If you had been a fly on our wall this year, you would probably have seen a whole lot of coming and going with brief moments of craziness between.  I've seen a quote that says, "In this house... we do real, we do mistakes, we do I'm sorry, we do forgiveness, we do hugs, we do fun, we do second chances, we do really loud, we do love, we do family."  

While I hope that we do all those things, too, I'd have to write a pretty specific one to describe the Fifes.  "In this house... we do busy, we do community, we do crazy, we do support, we do friends, we do party, we do welcome, we do responsibility, we do yes, and when we can get around to it, occasionally we do clean and food."

KIRK is still working for the Internal Revenue Service as a revenue agent but has begun to take on additional responsibilities which have sent him to Vegas for training and to the exotic location of Idaho Falls on several occasions.  Whenever he gets the chance, he enjoys golfing with his buddies and playing basketball with the guys from the ward.  Kirk has recently been called to teach Gospel Doctrine and is blessing his home with the additional spirit that comes from preparing to teach his lessons.

ANDREA is plugging along in her Masters program, working toward a teaching certificate.  It has been quite a feat to log the 100 hours of observation required for the degree, but she has enjoyed getting to watch friends and family teach.  Andrea is glad to have major projects like Trek, EYT, and Dickens behind her in 2012 and intends to focus on school for the next several months.  Andrea is still teaching music at Navigator Pointe Academy, and has particularly enjoyed having Adam along for the ride for many of this year's pursuits.

ADAM won't stop growing.  He eats everything placed in front of him and outgrows everything he tries to wear.  In addition, he has grown in intellect, spirituality, and talent.  He is excelling in 2nd grade at NPA and especially loves science.  He is preparing to be baptized in April, having chosen to wait until Aunt Lisa will be in town.  Adam has participated in three musicals this year and also enjoyed playing Flag Football for the first of probably many seasons.  He played in his first piano recital and likes to play for his own enjoyment at home.

ALEX continues to light up the lives of all those he meets.  He's doing very well in Kindergarten, and his teachers comment cheerfully about all the stories he tells.  He has continued his love of music, participating in two musicals this year and stealing the show in The Empress's Oliver!  With Adam gone at school, Alex has started to develop a close relationship with his younger brother and has started to exhibit at least occasional compassion for others.  His parents may jest about his antics, but they know life would be a bit boring with Al!

DYLAN has had a huge year, finishing out 2012 by finally learning to talk.  He has made big transitions from being the baby of the family to welcoming a brand new niece and learning to be the big boy.  He will soon be entering Primary, and he will hopefully soon reach the milestone of potty training.  Thankfully he's kept the ginger hair, but his mom is a bit sad to admit that his blue eyes have turned green.  Stubborn and adorable, this Fife family caboose has just as much steam as his older brothers!

Though some would say we're crazy, each progressing simultaneously toward individual goals, we know that as each of us improves, our whole family grows!  And though we may spend a pretty hefty amount of time apart, nothing beats the time we get to spend together.  Whenever possible, we can be found all piled together on two cushions of our five-cushion couch, because we just like each other that much!

Merry Christmas from the Fife Family!


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