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Friday, December 28, 2012

Casdorph Christmas Eve

On Sunday as I entered the rehearsal location for our ward choir practice, I got to hear the tail end of a Mecham-brothers rehearsal.  I know they aren't famous except in our ward and their own family, but they are definitely two of my favorite singing brothers, so I was curious what they were practicing for.  "Our family  program tonight," was the reply, and I felt slightly less unique knowing there are other families out there who celebrate Christmas with a good old fashioned family talent show.

This was always the tradition on both sides of my family growing up.  Whether we spent Christmas Eve in Arizona with the Casdorphs where the talents included strings and saxophone or at Aunt Enid's here in the valley with the Nelsons where the talents ranged studiously practiced to... (well, we all remember some pretty interesting programs with Cameron and Justin's improved fun).

It's been a tricky tradition to implement with our smaller family unit, but this year the kids were actually well prepared to share something I didn't have to beat into them just for this occasion.  I simply asked Adam to choose one of his recently practiced Christmas songs (thanks, Ms. Shayla), and Alex happily agreed to sing along.  Both brothers agreed to help Dylan perform a David Archuletta sing along live, and when upon request, Alex reprised a previous performance of "Little Donkey."

It was fun to have the additions of Sumon on violin playing "Good King Wenceslas" (unfortunately not video recorded) and Damber singing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" with my dad.  I had suggested that maybe dad bring his trumpet, and it was a hit with the little boys.  I shared a poem written by a ward member who is currently serving a mission, and Lisa shared a quote via Skype.

I've highlighted just the best moments in this clip.  Feel free to enjoy  :)

We ended the evening with a less-than-traditional puppet show rendition of Luke 2.  Let's just say that between my three little ones and the "help" of two somewhat reluctant Nepali's, the behind-the-scenes (couch) action was more than a little crazy.  But despite the crazy, we seemed to manage to get the message across that Christmas really isn't about Santa.

That was evident in Adam's bedtime prayer.  "Please Alex, Dylan, and I - and Mom and Dad - that we can remember that Christmas is really about Jesus's birth."

And the next morning Alex commented, "I know Jesus really gave all these presents to Santa to deliver."

Yes, for me, the spirit of Christmas Eve really captures the spirit of Christmas.