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Monday, December 10, 2012


Last year we set up the Christmas tree downstairs.  It was beautiful!  And I never saw it, because when I finally got home from Dickens each night, I went straight to bed.

I was bitter, and didn't even realize it.  Until this year rolled around, and for the first time in 11 years of marriage, I was not up on Thanksgiving morning begging Kirk to start setting up the tree.

In fact, the entire Thanksgiving weekend came and went, and I felt not even the slightest bit of Christmas spirit tugging at my  heartstrings.

Well, I guess it's just going to have to wait until after Dickens this year, I grumbled.  Not too busy.  Not too tired.  Just too grouchy to put it up.

But when I realized the real lack of motivation was not exhaustion and schedule related, I approached Kirk.  "I know you really liked having the tree downstairs, but I didn't even get to enjoy it.  What would you think about moving it back upstairs."  Loving husband that he is, we decided to return the tree to its former position of front room pride.

That decision in mind, I've been secretly antsy to put up the decorations.  But, grouchiness out of the way, exhaustion and schedule still prevented me from acting very quickly.  But a few key decisions (including skipping the class hours of church yesterday in favor of much-needed family time) gave me a rested, open block of time to begin digging through the boxes.

And I got happier and happier as I went.  With each item placed proudly where I could see it all season, I felt every last bit of Grinch and Scrooge melt right away.

The best part is that I even felt creative enough to try a few new things this year, leaving us with a collection of sentimental Christmas all around.

Favorite handmade ornaments from G.Gma and G.Gpa Nelson

A proud new location for my favorite picture
"And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."

Last year's impromptu gift from my dad,
a picture of Mary with little-boy-Jesus,
absolutely precious to this mom of little boys

A new porcelain doll from Kirk's mom
My favorite porcelain doll ever - from Jack when he was about 9
New candles - donated to the cause by Mariah

A Thankgiving decoration made years ago with Heather Case
Re-purposed as a starry night at the manger

A new craft project using the vinyl that Marie Fountaine gave me years ago.

A unifying theme for Christmas and life (again handmade by G.Gma & G.Gpa Nelson)

My Christmas doll collection (from my mom over the years) displayed proudly
on a shelf made for Kirk by G.Gpa Fife, lit for the first time by Christmas lights.

Go ahead and laugh at my laziness... the important part here is the voice.
G.Gma Casdorph's gift to me last year.  Which made me cry.  
And will probably make me tear up every time my kids sit down
to listen, which so far has been frequent.

Everywhere I look, I see something that I love.  Something that means something to me.  Something that I hope will mean something to the kids.  Something that reminds me of someone I love.

I think my descroogification is complete.

Now to work on Alex, who is walking around singing "I Hate People" and introducing himself as Alvineezah Scrooge...