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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Am and Ax

When Al arrived in the world, we adopted an easy shorthand for labeling their things.  Big A = Adam, little a = Alex.

But when Al started to recognize his letters, that changed.  Adam kept the A, but as Alex started to identify with the distinctive letter X, we adopted the current A | X system.

But now that D has come along, and is talking more and more, he has started to classify his brothers using his own system.

He has started to direct questions, requests, demands, and complaints to a specific brother, starting or ending many sentences with "Am," or "Ax."  Add that to his growing propensity toward complete sentences and his steadily improving diction, and we have one adorably communicative redhead.

The only problem is that Dylan calls Alex, "Am," about 75% of the time.  Sometimes, he'll even refer to them as "Am" and "Am."  I feel kind of bad for Adam, because his name gets inadvertently included in sentences like, "Am!  Geh ah!"  (Adam, get off!) and "Grunt, grunt, Am, grunt, hih me ah hea!"  (Loosely, Adam hit me on the head.)

But when he does actually remember Al's name, he stands at the top of the stairs, hollering down at his brothers, "Am!  Ax!"

It's pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now.


Another favorite thing:

My dad taught Dylan to poke people, then hold his hands out to his sides and say, "It wasn't me!"

Yep.  They're both favorite.