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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best Christmas Ever

A whole bunch of stuff combined to make this my favorite Christmas ever. Part of it is finally feeling settled enough as an adult to truly enjoy the giving. (I realize most of you probably made that transition long before 31, but I am a bit of a late bloomer.)  Part of it is having all three children old enough to participate in the gift getting.  Part of it is the generosity of grandparents and great grandparents who helped us spoil three deserving boys rotten.

And part of it may be the perspective I received reading Sumon, Damber, and Kuron's letters to Santa Claus.

"Name = Kuran Pakwal
Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing fine.  I am doing ok.  The following list item I need for this Christmas are:

1. Money, Happiness, Love, Health
2. Good, better job, full hours, better pay, car, making more money
3. Blessings, faith"

"Dear Santa,

Today I got a golden chance to write a letter to you.  I am so happy.  All I want is new church [clothes], school [clothes], and [couldn't read this part].  That's all I want.

Thank you,
Your lovely boy
Damber Pakwal"

"Dear Santa,

I hope you are fine.  Here is my list.

1. I want basketball and soccerball.
2. I want basketball and soccerball shoes.
3. I wish I would speak English clearly so everybody understand me clearly.
4. Bless my mom that she would be happy.

From your lovely boy Suman Pakwal.
I live in [address here]
Draper, SLC,
Utha U.S.A."

With new-found gratitude that for this blessed family, Christmas is all about wants, I present to you the best moments of THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.  (In installments, because that is really a lot to blog about in one day!)

Tomorrow: Christmas Eve!