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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things

I feel a little delinquent since I haven't really posted a "Welcome to the New House" post yet.  We still have kind of a lot of work to do before I feel ready to unveil it to the world, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite things:

new|CHAIR     I had something fairly specific in mind, but it wasn't the sort of thing I could actually look for.  Instead, I kept my eye out until I saw something that would fit the bill.  And guess what?  It reclines.  BONUS.

favorite|PICTURE     This is my all-time favorite picture of me and Kirk, and when he came across it while unpacking, he claimed it for his end table.  I love seeing it every day, but it is even better knowing that Kirk picked one of my favorites.

perfect|RAILING     I love everything about this particular spot in the house.  The contrast of the black metal with the warm wood.  The only carpet in the whole house.  A hint of the slate blue I've worked into the palette.  And I can't wait to decorate the banister come Christmas.

updated|MENU BOARD     Michelle was kind enough to update my menu board to reflect the new colors.  It's nice to have something familiar nearby as I try to remember where on earth I put the pizza cutter/melon baller/apple corer... that list definitely goes on!

grown up|PLACE SETTING     I've always wanted to own a set of fine china but have never indulged because I can't reconcile my contemporary style with the idea that china should have a history.  I finally feel like I can give up the desire for china since I now have a gorgeous place setting for 12 including formal glasses in a sleek, modern style.

french|DOORS     When a friend came over to do an awesome empty-house photo shoot, she was sure to grab a picture of me next to one of my favorite features: the french doors that lead into the piano room.  I could gush on and on about all I love, but I'll keep it simple with the chart topper: the laticed shadows cast into the entry when the sun streams through the piano room window.

welcome|HOME     We're still a week or two away from moving the boys into their new bedrooms (they are going to be EPIC), which means we are still a week or three away from truly unpacking and settling in.  But while it is far from perfect and far from finished, it already feels like home.