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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Original Mr. & Mrs. Fife

My mother-in-law came to the school recently to watch the kids participate in a school-wide event.  I was showing her around the school when a second grade student passed me by with a cheery, "Hi, Mrs. Fife!"  Mom said, "I should have really messed with her and responded back."  I stood there, confused for a second, as it dawned on me that her name is also Mrs. Fife.  I've never heard her called that, so it honestly had never occurred to me.

I brag about my in-laws all the time.  So many people have horror stories to tell of the in-laws from hell.  Not me.  Not only did I hit he jackpot for husbands, but I also married into the perfect family.  The Fifes are generous, accepting, and hilarious, and they have always made me feel as much a part of the family as Kirk is.  But that's not to say I don't stand back sometimes and just laugh.

For example, Mom works as a lunch lady at Granger High School.  She loves to have visitors so she can proudly show off her family to her lunch lady friends.  When Kirk and I were engaged, I stopped by so I could get the introduction to the gang, and I ended up getting an invitation to accompany them to Red Robin.  We were all seated in a private seating area (I'm guessing Red Robin knew more of what to expect from these ladies than I did) and got ready to enjoy a nice meal.  I can't recall the details that lead up to it, but the next thing I knew, these full grown women were doing the Bunny Hop around the table.  I'm telling you, Mom and her friends know how to have fun.

So it came as no surprise when I saw this recent video posted on YouTube (Mom is the tall one in burgundy scrubs):

If I could learn one thing from my mother-in-law it would be to have fun in every situation.

From Dad, I could learn dedication.

I'll admit, I have occasionally wondered aloud if he's going to end up some sort of recluse that never emerges from his train room.  But when he includes his grandsons in the fun, I'm a little less judgmental.

Not only is he willing to let the kids run his very expensive train set, but he recently invited Alex to go to a train show with him.  Alex enjoyed getting to see "Big Boy," apparently a super old train that was being moved in order to be restored.

The kids are fortunate to have a grandpa who is passionate about his interests and willing to share!

I've always encouraged my kids to be proud of their name - that being a Fife is a big deal.  But somehow I'd never really considered that just as my kids' actions reflect on me and Kirk, my actions now reflect on the legacy of the original Mr. & Mrs. Fife.

I hope I'll make them proud.


Melissa said...

Okay, so we were at the Big Boy train and I said to Jared, "I swear I just saw one of the Fife boys, but I don't see Kirk or Andrea anywhere"

I was right...