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Friday, May 9, 2014

I Am

Why am I so obsessed with personality tests?  I'm pretty sure its because I like to feed my own ego, hearing compliments about my personality type.  It's probably also because I really am pretty introspective (read: self-centered).  

Fortunately, with all the tests that frequently fill my news feed, I can feel better knowing I am clearly not alone in my obsession.  But rather than re-post, I've been saving screen shots of my results, waiting for a good day to publish a comprehensive pros & cons look at me.  So here it is.  The Good.  The Bad.  And the Ugly.

I am:



  • am strong – physically and mentally.
  • don’t take guff from anyone.
  • always treat those in my inner circle like family.
  • thrive in exciting situations.
  • am spontaneous, passionate, and energetic…
  • like to evaluate and make decisions through objective analysis. 
  • am very rational, objective and fair.
  • prefer to think independently and read.
  • like implication, analogy, connections, possibility, inference, and prediction.
  • have many creative thoughts.
  • am a critical thinker.
  • am looked up to.
  • am extremely smart.
  • believe that you should live big or go home.
  • am a smart and sassy world-shaker.
  • am a charismatic, magnetic leader who has no problem standing up to authority figures when it comes to paving my own way.
  • think outside the box, enjoy being in the spotlight, and are a loyal and committed friend.
  • want a man who’s self-sufficient and hardworking.
  • may seem a bit serious, but underneath it all I've got a quirky sense of humor that few humans get to enjoy.
  • am a dreamer, good friend, and a person who strives to do the right thing for the greater good.



  • occasionally act immature, though I only mean to make myself and others happy.
  • should only have 2 kids.  "Your child needs a sibling, and you can handle another.  Probably."
  • think principles are more important than being flexible.
  • like to make plans and would like to manage, control and drive for the results.
  • always try to turn my ideas into fact, tirelessly reaching my goals that I set for yourself.
  • always have a high standard no matter if its for myself or other people


The harshest test I've taken kind of took everything I usually consider to be my assets and made me sound a bit like a horrible person!  Read on to see the personality test that brought my ego back down a notch.

You have a sharp eye for errors and can criticize without mercy if you see the success of a project endangered. You are completely unconcerned as to whether you alienate anyone in the process. But you are always open to objective arguments; you love discussions, you are very gifted rhetorically and you are good at convincing and enthusing others.
As Dynamic Thinkers are very sociable, you like to have a lot of friends around you, preferably those with whom you can share your interests and discuss all sorts of subjects. You are very direct but never in an underhand or scheming manner. If one can bear being spoken to frankly, one has in you a loyal and unwavering advisor as friend. Everything new and unknown stimulates Dynamic Thinkers and awakens your curiosity. However, rules, routine and traditional things arouse your resistance. If something does not go the way you want it to, you can react rather pigheadedly and obstinately.
Adjectives that describe your type:  extroverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, self-confident, ambitious, direct, open, severe, organized, determined, witty, independent, purposeful, dynamic, energetic, optimistic, competent, responsible, clever, intellectual, enthusiastic, demanding, structured, controlled, aggressive

It is a bit painful to think back on specific times I've been each of those not-so-great things.  (Generally when I am directing a show or leading a team project.)  

But along with the arguably ugly, I am:

and I'm okay with that!